bordpaq meeting management software

BoardPaq meeting management software review

BoardPaq is a cloud-based program that offers unique features and tools to make board meetings as productive and easy as possible. The software helps improve communication, increase the security of sensitive data, save on costs and time, and provides the flexibility to use the space and content in it from any device wherever you are. In this article, we will take a detailed overview of the core functionality of BoardPaq meeting management and tell you what benefits it can bring us.

Main features of BoardPaq meeting management

The organization and process of board meetings is a very long and sometimes tedious process that requires thorough preparation and a large amount of paperwork, every board member and administrator knows it very well. But in today’s world, the slow pace of business is unacceptable, so companies resort to the help of specialized programs that help simplify, speed up and make their meetings more efficient. One such program is BoardPaq meeting management.

BoardPaq occupies a place of honor in the list of the best board portals to date – the developers have tried hard to make the program with all the modern features and tools that you may need for a successful board and were able to combine it all successfully to get a simple and affordable program for any user.

The main features of BoardPaq

BoardPaq provides your board team with all the options they need to manage the board documents, organization, and process. The program promotes company productivity with features such as:

  • Schedule Management -Organizers can set meeting times and locations and prepare all board materials in just a few minutes. Upload all data to the program’s digital whiteboard and use the online calendar to post all future board materials to the public. Participants receive notification of updates and reminders of upcoming meetings and will always stay up-to-date
  • Voting – take a vote on anything without even starting the meeting, everyone is free to express their opinion (anonymously or not) and this makes for more productive and faster decision making
  • Manage post-meeting activities – the manager can assign tasks to any meeting participant after the meeting and they, in turn, can work on those tasks right in the space. The administrator can track user actions to monitor progress
  • Customizable branding is a unique feature that not all providers offer. It allows you to customize the program interface to match your company’s theme and brand
  • Electronic Signature – meet your obligations outside the meeting room with this feature. You’ll be able to sign necessary documents even on the road or while lying in bed

Other key benefits of BoardPaq meeting management

BoardPaq by its features has a lot of advantages. Below we highlight the main ones:

  • High-security level -the program uses modern data encryption methods and two-step authentication. No unauthorized user can enter the space and data leakage is also unlikely, because the encrypted data is of no value
  • Flexible use – BoardPaq has excellent compatibility with all operating systems and devices. Use the software remotely wherever you are, access to corporate data has never been easier
  • A well-designed interface -it’s pretty easy to get used to the program, but if you have any questions you can read the manual. You will spend at most one day learning the program
  • Customer support is available 24/7 – call, email, or live chat with technical support at any time of the day or night. The only possible disadvantage is that the support team can only give you advice in English