iBabs board portal

iBabs Board Portal Review

iBabs, like any other reputable board portal provider, strives to do everything in its power to make your meetings easy, efficient, and productive. With the help of the program board members can keep in touch with each other in a secure environment even outside the meeting room, also the space allows you to prepare thoroughly for the meeting and study all the materials in advance, which will contribute to making the right decision later on. In this article, we will review the popular provider iBabs and highlight its main advantages.

General Characteristics of iBabs Board Portal

IBabs is one of the most respected board portal providers from Europe that provides simplified board management. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Everyone knows how seriously the EU legislation takes security compliance, plus there are many financial institutions among the provider’s clients, so the fact that iBabs is one of the best says a lot.

The program has different deployment options, and it supports mobile applications of all operating systems. Use any device you have and take part in the board wherever you are.

Main benefits of iBabs

IBabs is a useful tool for directors and managers alike. The program provides all you need to make your meetings run smoothly and efficiently, no matter if you are going to hold them online or offline.

The main advantages of iBabs are:

  • Loyal price – this is one of the most important factors when choosing your provider, we all used to think that if the brand is high quality then its price will be much higher than others. IBabs forms its price depending on the number of users that will be working on the platform and offers a starting price for a user – $10. If you are a large company and you know exactly that more than 100 users will be using your space, the provider gives you a nice discount
  • Savings in all -the provider helps you be more flexible with your time and costs. The program will help you save your meeting time and money on consumables because the space offers completely paperless case management. With advanced document management features, managers can create an agenda in minutes and others can view it from any location and any device
  • Security – iBabs knows more about security than anyone else. Even financial institutions trust it, so you can rest assured that its methods work. The program offers 256-bit data encryption and the best ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 security certifications. It also has two-factor authentication and electronic signature security features
  • Collaboration tools – comment on documents, vote, annotate and write notes, other users will be automatically notified when someone posts an update or change. That way everyone is always up to date. And your colleagues can count on getting an immediate response to their questions.
  • Advanced Access Management- iBabs allows administrators to set document access controls, as well as have access to participant accounts, you can also manage permissions and document interactions
  • Scheduling- Organizers can make their lives much easier if they start working with the iBabs Board Portal, because this way they can schedule events on a digital whiteboard space and manage their calendar, making it easier for other users to personally plan their day. You can also add scheduling tasks, set deadlines, and send reminders of an event